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Woodwise training e-workbook were written by:


Didac Limited

Didac is a specialist training provider for the woodworking sector.

They have a full range of national and regional training programmes and consultancy services including: woodworking machine training, apprentice training and sector specific health & safety consultancy.

In the South West, Didac is the only training provider delivering woodworking machine training and assessment for apprentices in the employer’s factory.

For more information on Didac and their range of training and consultancy services, please visit or email them at

The following Woodwise training e-workbooks were facilitated with funding and support from the Health and Safety Commission Training Initiative and the British Woodworking Federation

The Health and Safety Commission Training Initiative.

For more information on the Health and Safety Commission please visit Their web site contains an array of useful information. A good starting point for the information trail is to enter words such as ‘woodworking sector’, ‘woodworking machinery’ or ‘manual handling’ for example into the Search HSE web site box on the home page.


British Woodworking Federation.

The British Woodworking Federation is one of the leading representative bodies for the woodworking industry. They represent manufacturers, distributors and installers of doors, windows, conservatories, staircases, architectural joinery, timber frame buildings

More information on the British Woodworking Federation including services and membership can be found on their web site at Alternatively contact them by email at or call them on 0870 458 6939

The following Woodwise training e-workbooks were facilitated with in-kind support from A. L. Dalton Limited

Daltons logo

Special thanks for A L Dalton Limited of Nottingham for allowing us to photograph machines in their showroom to demonstrate learning points.

For more information on Daltons and their range of machines and services, please visit, email them at or phone 0115 986 5201.