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This document should address any questions you may have about the Woodwise program. If you find your question is not answered here, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Affiliates Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and asnwers relating specifically to the Didac Woodwise Affiliate program.

Is it necessary to have previous training or assessment experience?

It is not necessary to have any previous experience in the training or assessment arena. It is much more important to have a high level of occupational experience and an ability to convey this to learners.

Do I need prior occupational experience?

Yes. It is unlikely that anyone will meet the minimum training or assessment criteria unless they have 5 years occupational experience. In addition, you must be competent on the machines on which you give training and undertake assessments.

What is the meaning of occupational experience?

Occupational experience means the ability to operate the machine, technical understanding of all the factors used to operate the machine including setting, cleaning, tooling and routine maintenance. It also includes knowledge of the legal framework and conditions under which the machine can be used. The ability and willingness to communicate this ‘occupational experience’ to others is equally important.

What is meaning of competence?

Competence is a mixture of qualities and abilities that go together to enable someone to work safely. It includes knowledge, experience, training, qualifications (when relevant), attitudes, awareness of limits and the ability to communicate effectively when appropriate.

In the context of Woodwise it also means competence in the:

Is an Affiliates appointment personal?

Yes it is because it is dependent on a person’s occupational experience in the safe use of woodworking machinery. In the case of a company, it must employ or subcontract to nominated Woodwise Affiliates; otherwise it cannot hold or promote the title of Woodwise Assessment Center.

Who can become a Woodwise Affiliate?

A wide variety of people in a range of organisations can become Woodwise Affiliates, including:

What type of organisation can become a Woodwise Assessment Centre?

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