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New Learners

Unsure of machine

Are you new to the industry or an inexperienced operator?

You are in the right place if you are new to the industry or intending to operate another woodworking machine on which you have not been trained or Certified as Competent.

Woodwise is your route to gaining the minimum level skills you are required to have BEFORE OPERATING WOODWORKING MACHINERY.

If you do not receive training YOU WILL BE AT RISK and your EMPLOYER MAY BE BREAKING THE LAW.

You can't do that

The Woodwise certification programme includes a web-based theory test, followed by a work-based practical assessment – just like a driving test.

As an inexperienced operator you should work through the Woodwise Learning Resources supported by the trainer / assessor who has been allocated to you. This may be someone in your company or a professional trainer from a school, college or other training provider.

Your trainer / assessor will tell you when they think you are ready for the on-line theory test and then your practical assessment. When you have successfully passed both parts you will receive The Safe Use of Woodworking Machinery Certificate. It is a City and Guilds backed certificate of competence listing the machines on which you have achieved the minimum level of competence.

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