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What is Woodwise?

Woodwise is an inexpensive work-based training and assessment programme to improve the competence of woodworking machinery operators, catering to a wide range of different users and abilities.

Within a short space of time, novices or experienced operators can become certified on just one machine, or on a selection of machines, depending on needs.

New Learners

New Learners

Are you are new to the industry or intending to operate another woodworking machine on which you have not been trained or Certified as Competent?

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Experienced Operators

Experienced Operators

Are you are an experienced machinest with a good knowledge of the recent changes in regulations? If so, you can proceed to the online theory test.

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Colleges and schools

Colleges & Schools

Use the Woodwise learning resources in the delivery of your own college provision and take the sweat out of creating your own training materials. Woodwise is probably the most comprehensive and up to date learning program available to schools and colleges.

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Trainer / Assessor Vacancies

Trainer/Assessor Vacancies

The Woodwise team have created great learning resources to support the training schemes. The Woodwise learning resources are probably the most widely available and up to date learning resources available for the provision of machine woodworking training.

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The Benefits of Woodwise

For Employees

City & Guilds certified operators automatically become members of a nationwide community of competent woodworking machinery users, who have demonstrated their knowledge of safe working practices in order to avoid serious personal injury.

For Employers

By offering this training to their employees, companies will be able to demonstrate to the Health and Safety Executive and insurance companies that their operators have achieved a nationally recognised minimum level of competence in compliance with health and safety guidelines.

More important – it’s a clear demonstration to everyone within the company that they are fully committed to the health and safety of their woodworking machinery operators who are AT RISK of a serious accident if they have not been trained on the company’s wood working machinery.

City and Guilds

Successful candidates will receive The Safe Use of Woodworking Machinery Certificate, a City and Guilds backed Certificate of Competence listing the machines on which they have achieved the minimum level of competence.

The Certificate of Competence benefits both woodworking machinery operators and their employers.

How does it work?

Certification includes a web-based theory test, followed by a work-based practical assessment – just like a driving test.

Those with little or no experience will receive closely supervised practical training using the Woodwise learning resources, which are specifically written to cover the minimum competency aspects of operating woodworking machinery. Experienced machine operators would probably by-pass this step.

Your trainer / assessor will tell you when they think you are ready for the on-line theory test. When you have passed the theory test and completed all of your practical training, your competency will be formally assessed. All being well you will be certified as competent on that machine, whether it be a circular saw, band saw, spindle moulder, hand-fed surface planer etc.


Build up your Certificates of Competence

Operators can build up Certificates of Competence and because they are City and Guilds backed, they can be counted as evidence towards other qualifications such as the NVQ Level 2 in Machine Woodworking.

Woodwise is for everyone

Woodwise is a socially inclusive programme. It is available to any woodworking machinist, whether new to the industry, or with many years of experience - there are no age limits or experience thresholds, and it does not depend on employment status.

If you operate woodworking machinery and you are interested in obtaining The Safe Use of Woodworking Machinery Certificate, please send an email to

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