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Didac celebrates launch of Woodwise at W6

I've been Woodwise

Bristol based Didac Limited, the specialist training provider for the woodworking sector, celebrated the launch of Woodwise at the W6 - Working with Wood Exhibition held at the NEC in Birmingham earlier this month.

Woodwise is a City and Guilds backed training and assessment initiative whose objective is to raise the competence of woodworking machinery operators, thereby reducing the number of accidents occurring on woodworking machines. Operators can become certified on just one machine, or on a selection of machines, depending on their own needs and those of their employer.

The scheme has received strong backing from leading industry players, including financial contributions from the Health and Safety Commission Training Initiative, and the Construction Industry Training Board, facilitated by the British Woodworking Federation.

Woodwise is available to any woodworking machinist, whether new to the industry, or with many years of experience - there are no age limits or experience thresholds. The scheme is particularly helpful to employers wishing to demonstrate the competence of their employees to a recognised industry standard.

One of the major advantages of Woodwise is that much of the training can be done in-house by competent co-workers thereby keeping costs down – it is primarily the assessment that is 3rd party certified.

Jon Gibson, Woodwise Scheme Co-ordinator says “Woodwise is destined to become a key benchmark for the woodworking industry by which a machine operator’s competence can be assessed. When we explain to employers how Woodwise works, you can see their palpable relief. Now there is an industry standard benchmark for safety and competence in machine woodworking training, which is easy for employers to implement”.

Gibson continues “We are absolutely delighted that Safety Training Woodworking and Daltons of Nottingham have achieved the necessary standards, to become the first two Woodwise Assessment Centres to be appointed”.

He added “In the coming months we expect to be processing applications from more woodworking machinery suppliers, professional trainers, furniture manufacturers and joinery companies who will become Woodwise Assessment Centres with the competence to deliver the training and assessment modules.”

To register as a Woodwise training provider, or for more information about Woodwise, ring 0117 904 9377 or visit the Woodwise website on

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